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vulnerability | singleness | the church

Vulnerability is an interesting concept, a necessary and harsh reality to fully engaging with others, fully experiencing life and fully living alive in the love of Christ.

As a single girl whose been a wedding photographer for the last few years, a gnawing frustration with being single at this point in my life is apparent to my heart and as of lately more clearly articulated to the Lord.  I believe it’s important to be honest with the Lord and allow Him to engage with me through these things… It’s not so much the being married part, it’s the general non-existent dating relationships that I’ve experienced since being “in the church.” I just don’t understand how many things work in a Christian community, oftentimes I feel so in the dark with so many people and their emotions in general within christian circles, but even more so on the dating front. I didn’t realize that treating girls like girls was so taboo, it seems to be a healthy part of life. Being a girl who use to find guys more easy to be with, being in a Christian community where the lines are so confusing, I’ve been a bit bewildered for a few years now. As I talk with more girls, this frustration is not just within myself but seems to prevade the general census. It’s interesting that when looking at older women in the church there are so many who are sitting alone in our churches, where are their husbands, was this same issue a problem when they were my age and they conceded to marrying someone who didn’t believe in Christ? I just wonder… Growing up at least it seemed I knew more women for whom that statement was true than men. In all reality this finding mutual love in a fun and romantic relationship outside the church will probably affect my generation as well, but for the sake of the gospel of Christ I pray it does not. For the sake of the future children, families, generations, who need to know the love of Christ and unity of peace experienced in a marriage relationship in which Christ is the center, I hope to see and experience this within my generation.

Two phrases come to mind…

“Godliness with contentment is great gain.” -the bible

“girls just wanna have fun.”  -cyndi lauper

“your people will be my people.” -the bible

xoxo | katee grace

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