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about Katee Grace

Nestled along the sun-kissed coast of Los Angeles, I bring want to savor live in natural light to show it's innate beauty, palpably through your photographs. I specialize in legacy pieces capturing the unique stories of families and individuals through my lifestyle and portrait photography. 


From beginning to end I’ve got you! With our custom wall art design services, your moments are woven into timeless displays of joy and intimacy. 


Every piece, carefully curated with my signature concierge care, transcends mere art. It stands as a daily testament to your personal stories and connections, subtly enriching your home or personal space with echoes of laughter, love, and the spontaneous dance of life.


My art, honed at the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara and crystallized into a Bachelor of Arts in Portraiture, is all about celebrating life in its myriad forms.


In our photoshoots together, effortlessly reconnecting with ourselves and our loved ones through play and intentional moments shared or wrangling, wild animals I mean our children lol


My lens is adept at capturing these moments of genuine connection, finding beauty in spontaneity and the authenticity of every expression.


Whether it’s the shared laughter with your favorite people, embracing the chaos with children, and what not or the Soulful gaze of an individual, I honor the privilege of documenting these precious moments. 


As your memory keeper, I capture the unique rhythm of your lives against the serene backdrop of our shared love for slowing time and cherishing the best of our lives and our loved ones.

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