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about Katee Grace

Nestled in the sun-kissed, coast of Los Angeles, Katee Grace crafts poetic narratives through her lifestyle and portrait photography. Her skills, meticulously honed at the illustrious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, have blossomed into a Bachelor of Arts in Portraiture, reflecting her deep-seated passion for her art.


Katee, the visual chronicler of the coastline, harbors a profound romance for the unscripted, the spontaneous and the genuine essence that radiates within family dynamics. Guided by her profound reverence for familial ties, her lens seeks the profound in the chaos, the sweetness in the mayhem, the love that ties every precious moment together.


Her touch has graced countless families, entrusting her to immortalize their fleeting, precious moments. For her discerning clientele, she serves as a memory keeper, forever encapsulating those cherished moments that paint the vibrant tapestry of life throughout the year's beautiful rhythm.

Her custom wall art design services transform your memories into daily echoes of joy and intimacy. Each installation, handled with her signature concierge care, is a reminder on your walls, playfully whispering the verses of your family’s love every day.

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