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Find Magic in Your Moments Captured Throughout the Year

Let us help you begin savoring the moments! When you know the joy of your family is captured in photographs you will love throughout the year you will no longer feel stressed out with time flying by and not being able to take it all in.

OC Family Photographer

Are you taking care of so many different things that you don’t have the time to slow down and enjoy these moments for yourself?

Family life is busy and time is going too fast. And you deserve to have beautiful photographs of your children showing their blossoming personalities.

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by adding something more to your
to-do list?! 

When you have your consultation with Katee Grace, she will talk with you about your family and key milestones throughout the year to plan your photography around. With your dates already on the calendar, you can be excited to know you have a plan to hold onto the best of this year. Once that’s set, you can actually enjoy those days - birthdays, family gatherings, or just taking the time to enjoy life as it is - knowing that you’re making memories and your family photographer is there to capture them. 


Let's make gorgeous family photographs that make real memories.

You’re a busy mom who loves your family but we understand how hectic life can get and what it feels like to not have the time to take in and capture the moments. Before you know it, in the blink of an eye, the year is over.


Gorgeous photos of your best moments throughout the year.


Katee - your work is exceptional. Amanda still has tears in her eyes when she talks about the photos today - you captured some amazingness that's hard to put into words.

We are very grateful. ​

Yearly Family Collections

Packages include your stunning fine art album (Italian Leather or Linen), 2+ shoots throughout this year, your most precious family milestones beautifully documented and crafted for your 2023 Yearly Family Album telling the story for both the busy days, empty nesting day - ALL the day! 

Your handcrafted album is designed by KG and truly tells the story of this chapter and fleeting season of life... yes, I hate the word fleeting too lol open to suggestions :) 

2 Payments of $3,233 


3 Payments of $2,255


Get Albums and Prints You will Love that

Celebrate Your Family Life Together.


By the end of the year, you’ll have a full album of gorgeous photos of you and your family - perfect moments to be cherished forever. The grandparent gifts will be done too!

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