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Top 4 Hostess Gifts | For Every Occassion

As anyone who has hosted anything from an intimate dinner for two to a larger gathering of 10, 15, 50 people knows the work that goes into hosting. As a long time lover of hosting, I equally love attending and finding ways to show gratitude to whomever is hosting the event.

Whether it's a more formal dinner party, casual outdoor BBQ or special occasion, the small gesture of a hostess gift is a thoughtful action as a guest.


• If you are attending an outdoor BBQ, a $50 candle probably is going to ring clear for your host. Though if you are going to an intimate dinner party, fancy candles or lovely kitchen towels and maybe some flowers or champagne are the perfect hostess gift!


• I personally like to keep a handful of hostess gifts at home so I have things on hand. Keeping a variety of items takes pressure off and I'm all for being prepared to avoid any stress. It's not the dollar amount that is so important, it's the thoughtfulness that is really going to go a long way.

Here are a few of my favorite under $20 Hostess Gift Ideas!

1) Alcohol Shooter: Again, know your audience! You know who would get a kick out of this gift the most, so have fun with your gift giving!

2) Grilling Essentials: This is ideal for those backyard BBQ type invites. Grilling tools are constantly being used and having replacements and updates is a practical and thoughtful (and appropriate) gift for those outdoor BBQ's.

3) Cloth Napkins: This is definitely a gift for the ladies! And your ladies who are prone to hosting with decor and candles. Again, know your audience! If your hostess is more of a elegant host, maybe skipping the Anthropologie stop and opting for something more elegant or modern will speak to her more. I am a sucker for Anthropologie and World Market hosting essentials and gifts, they make it easy!

4) Kitchen Towels: This is a nice general gift idea. I would definitely pair this with a treat for your hostess of some kind, especially since this is more of a practical gift. You could easily pari with some simple flowers from your local market, a small orchid, a bottle of champagne or that yummy candle!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your gift ideas for the hosts' at your upcoming events.

I would love to hear YOUR favorite hostess gifts you've either given or received! Like you, I am always wanting to learn to serve and love our people better.

Cheers, Katee Grace xx

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