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thoughts on friendship

All friendships are different. To compare them to one another would be a grave mistake and diminish the quality and potential enjoyment of them. Granted there will always be certain people that we have a certain almost kindred relationship with,  and there will be seasons where we are closer with some moreso than others but friendships are a gift from God and through fun and love on some level we experience the very life of God, as well as the life of abundance that He desires for us. Sometimes trying to find time to fit in the wonderful friends that I feel so undeserving of is almost overwhelming but a one that I am thankful to have. As I prepare to drive to Los Angeles today, first stopping off in the South Bay, I am so thankful for the friendships that were so orchestrated by God. It’s not like I was just sitting in a coffee shop and someone walked up, sat down and said, “Let’s be friends,” though I’ve had similar experiences before. I was pursuing non-profits that I could in a good conscious support and come alongside and I found my now friend Talitha, who is the director of The Westside Pregnancy Clinic (the only crisis pregnancy clinic in LA not supporting abortions but offering aftercare to women who’ve experienced them). Coming to California from the same town in Oklahoma, growing up only miles apart, having mutual connections as our communities existed side by side, but actually meeting and developing a friendship in California, my friendship with Talitha is a sweet and like none other that I have. And this encounter has not only opened opportunities to meet other amazing women and families through WPC, but has been encouraging and inspiring through a friendship of mutual interest in showing God’s love to mankind and experiencing His heart for those in our world.

Tomorrow I get to see another friend who was my neighbor since the beginning of high school when I changed schools. She didn’t ask to be friends but simply included me immediately into her plans. I’ll never forget that first week of school. Day 2 I had a headache, Amy slaps me on the head, rather hard, and in confusion I look at her and remember her looking back at me confused as well. I ask her why she would do that and she responded that often a good wack on the head helped her when she had headaches, yea, not so much for me. Then by Day 4 of school, after she had waited for me each morning to ride together to school and sat by me on the bus, she very honestly asked me “What are we doing this weekend?” It seems simple but it was huge. There was no question that she wanted to be my friend, she knew she wanted to be friends and so she made me be her friend, or at least that’s how we joke about it now. Amy proceeded to be my buddy and my BFFIWWW throughout the rest of high school until the present day and nobody makes me laugh so hard when I’m crying and never had I laughed as hard as since we’ve been friends. Very unexpected and very very cherished. I actually cannot imagine life or who I would be without her.  It’s the God’s Truth.

Whether it’s a mutual interest or simply a mutual enjoyment of one another, friendships are a wonderful thing that allow a beautiful opportunity for the love of Christ and his life and enjoyment to be experienced by us when we appreciate and enjoy one another.

here’s to friends | xoxo | katee grace

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