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There are points in our lives where admission of the truth is the hardest thing to bear. Our natural instincts to block pain and the misconception that if we deny our feelings then they will change does not lead to freedom or healing. If my arm is broken and I just keep saying “it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t really hurt” and continue to pick up children, work on the computer and lift weights there will be serious consequences. I need a physician, I need help. In a society that is built on such individualistic and “git ‘er done” mentality,” we shun the vulnerability and humility in confessing our pain and inabilities and failures. If you just think good thoughts and look for the silver lining then everything will be dreamlike, the “american dream” is built not upon the blessings of God but primarily upon the ability of man to “git ‘er done” on one’s own.

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The Lord speaks of healing that happens when we confess our offenses and failures and slips, to one another. Confession is hard, especially if we’ve encountered unsafe environments in our experiences of confession. But godly confession amongst people who recognize their own weakness and wretchedness apart from Christ create a safe environment in which healing and restoration to God’s design of life and relationships can happen. (James 5:16) 

Only when we come to the point where we admit we need saving, where we are willing to admit that we are not super-heros and full equipped with the perfection of divinity, only when we refuse to deal falsely with the Lord and are willing to be honest about where we are, where we’ve been are we beginning to enter a place of receiving His healing, salvation and his righteousness. This life is a process and we are just learning to die to our flesh and live the lives of abundance that Christ has died for us to live. I hope you will remember Christ, and actively engage with Him today. He is near to you, and He knows exactly where you are and what you need and long for and He will meet all of your needs. May the heart’s and lives of those that the Father has designed for you to do life together with be knit together with yours in a sweetness that is wholly better than you could’ve imagined for yourself.

much love + peace to your heart  |  xoxo  |  katee grace

laughter | safety | photography

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