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childlike faith

Elbows that barely reached the kitchen counter, she steps onto a nearby stool, she has readied herself for the task at hand, and with 9 brothers and a sister, the task of kitchen duty would be long. Her hands circled each dish wish soapy fingers and a dish cloth, as she continued washing each plate clean her mind clean and her was gripped with the enormity of the reality of God. As sudden as a shock wave through her being, and as uncontrolled in the thought process as possible, she was overwhelmed with the “otherness” and “greatness” of God, and began to question. Her eyes drifted past the window to the setting sun and low hanging ivy and her mind questioned the reality of a God so big and so vast that she could not comprehend, yet her heart was seized with the truth of God’s existence and presence with her even at that moment. From that moment on, through decades of curiosity, uncertainty, honesty, searching and longing after God, she continued to experience His presence in her daily life, among her daily activities, in profound and life-changing ways, and those early moments of childhood faith will continue to hold a powerful and sacred place in her heart.

God is speaking to all of us, and He longs to be near to us in each moment, each circumstance, whether washing dishes, itemizing expenses, designing photographs, experiences or parties, the same God who created us desires for us to enjoy Him and I believe to enjoy that quiet childlike wonder at the vastness of His love and creation. Is there a moment in your life where you remember being convinced for the first time of God’s personal nearness to you? He does not change and still longs to be near… The sacred scriptures tell us to “draw near to God and HE will draw near to us,” “with cords of love has he drawn us…” Engagement in all relationships is key to the life-giving gift of those being made real, and that first flows from full engagement with Jesus Christ, who is near to you even now.

Much Love + Peace to your heart,

katee grace

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