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mother’s day

I love my mom more than words could express.

We’ve been through a lot together.

Growing up I was always really close to my parents.  As an only child, vacations and family days were just me and them.  When my dad died when I was 12 years-old it was just me + mom.

As a mother mom you’ve always shown me unwavering loyalty, dedication, support, and love.  Not to mention a beautiful hope for the dreams growing in my heart.

Regardless of anything I would do… Mom has been….

•  • Always There •  • Ready to Help •  • Ready to Stand Up for Me •  • Protect Me •  •

Mom knows things!! She is not perfect and that kind of pressure should never be put on anyone. But as someone who knows God’s voice and has been with me through my whole life, she knows things and I’ve found her opinion should always be listened to.

I love and respect my mom.

•  •  Her honesty and openness with me have not only brought us closer together in our relationship but have shown me even more clearly how beautiful she is, inside and out.

Vulnerability and safety should be in continual operation in our relationships and to experience this with my mom is a gift.

I miss my mom.  I wish I could have her over for Sunday dinners.  I am thankful for my mom’s prayers for me.  Her knowledge that ultimately I belong to God.

I love my mama a lot and hope one day I will be willing to open my heart enough to love someone as much as a mother loves her children.

remembering her sacrifice and love, honoring mom this mother’s day  |  xoxo  |  katee grace

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