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I think we doubt how much love we each need. Not just the romantic kind of love, that charged love that is shared between a couple but other relational love. Love between friends, love within  large group, affection and unashamedly showing love.

Regardless of our pasts, presents or futures, we all need love, deep + real + unconditional love. The mean kids, the nice kids, the quiet ones and the loud ones, those who are ready to be open and give and receive love and those who are guarded and walled off, we all need a lot more love from God through one another than I think I’ve realized before.

“For our God is a consuming fire. Let love for your fellow believers continue and be a fixed practice with you, never let it fail.” -New Testament

But to truly love, we have to truly know one another and be known… Ah, and this is where transparency and intimacy and vulnerability come in. It’s not just airing our dirty laundry to one another, it’s more, it’s connecting, it’s truly seeing and hearing each other and engaging in a relationship as brothers and sisters. Sweet relationships in which the life and love of the Father flows through and among us.

I love this quote by Brennan Manning from Ragamuffin Gospel “In the Near East, to share a meal with someone is a guarantee of peace, trust, fraternity, and forgiveness: the shared table symbolizes a shared life….’Come to my mikdah me-at, the minature sanctuary of my dining room table where we will celebrate the most sacred and beautiful experience that life affords — friendship.’ That is what Zacchaeus heard when Jesus called him down from the sycamore tree, and that is why Jesus’ practice of table fellowship caused hostile comment from the outset of His ministry… The gospel portrait of Jesus is that of a person who cherished life and especially other people as loving gifts from the Father’s hand… The living presence of Jesus awakened joy and set people free.”

just a few thoughts | xoxo | katee grace

Psalm 42:7 “Roaring deep calls to roaring deep. At the thunder of your waterspouts all your breakers and Your rolling waves have gone over me.”

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