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Los Angeles Newborn Photographer | Everlee & Family

Being a Los Angeles Newborn Photographer can be tedious work. However, being apart of such a significant moment in a family's process of welcoming a new little one to the team makes this job one of the best.

As a Los Angeles newborn photographer, I'd like to provide a few tips on how to prepare for your session.


• Always aim to have your shoot between the span of when your newborn is 5 to 10 days old. The reason for this is because after the 10th and especially the 12th day, the child's features begin to change. Believe it or not they lose the newborn look!

• Shooting in a warm environment is a crucial part of the process. I bring a small space heater to these sessions because making sure that the child is comfortable is one of the key components to having a great shoot. (It also saves you from a lot of crying)

• Doing these in the comfort of your own home alleviates added stress and makes your session more comfortable for the whole family.

• Reach out to us at any point during your pregnancy so we can get your due date on our calendar. When your baby arrives shoot us a message and we'll get the details of your day and time nailed down.

If you're looking to capture amazing moments like these, give us a ring! We'd love to help you create memories that last a life time.

Love, Katee Grace

Call: 310-779-1041

Email: Katee@KateeGrace.Com

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