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Los Angeles Newborn Photographer | Chin Family

Being a Los Angeles Newborn Photographer gifts me the opportunity to capture the newborn process for families from all different walks of life. These are the moments that ignite's the fire in my passion for the work that I do.

The beautiful thing about the work that we do, is the simple fact that we don't have to stage anything. Every shoot is natural beauty captured in its raw form. This is the type of happiness that authentically brings the photographs to life.

Working with the Chin family was such an honor because it wasn't difficult to capture the joy in their family during this special time.

Preparing for a newborn session ahead of time is very important because they grow so fast! Which is why we must plan to capture these moments accordingly. 5-10 days old is a good time to have a newborn photo shoot because once your child is out of the oven the growth begins immediately!

Your little one is fresh, your feelings are fresh, and the love is fresh!

As a Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, it would be a privilege to capture such moments in your family! Please give us a call to book a session today!

Love, Katee Grace

Call: 310-779-1041

Email: Katee@KateeGrace.Com

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