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Los Angeles Family Maternity Session

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Last weekend we caught up with this gorgeous family, you may recognize this glowing mama from the always hysterical and informative, "What's Up Mom's." Yep, you guessed it, Meg Resnikoff and her adorable tribe.

We wanted to plan an easy, beautiful family maternity session in the Bel Air area where the kids would have room to run, somewhere that held sentimental value for the family and an all around gorgeous backdrop. We couldn't have chosen something more fitting for this beautiful growing family for their Los Angeles Family Maternity Session.

Since the kids were a bit older, we were able to incorporate some bubbles into the shoot. Bubbles (or really any props that kids will want to hold such as phone with videos/songs, bubbles, blankeys, etc...) are discouraged from incorporating into your family photography session as these can be hard to take away from children for the actual photographs, and as we all know, a plastic bubble wand doesn't exactly have the look for that family album or annual family photograph for the family wall that we envision. But in this case, the kids were older, so it could work. A little photo tip for kids under 5 (especially): I do not recommend bubbles, toys that have strong attachment, phones, etc... to be given to a child prior to (or on the way to your shoot). It can be really difficult to take these away and this can lead to tears and definitely not a good start for your family photography session.

Another tip for your Maternity Session: Family Maternity Sessions are ideal around 27th-30th week of pregnancy. At this time your bump is a perfect size and you are glowing! Your energy level is typically pretty good. Newborn Sessions are ideal between 5-10 days new. After this, there can be an influx of baby acne for a time, hair changes and believe it or not, your newborn stops looking like a newborn around day 12.

We are so excited for this beautiful family to welcome their newest babe! We know it will be that much more love, fun and silliness.

To book your Family Maternity Session or Newborn Session please call or email the studio today! We can't wait to help you plan something really fun and beautiful and are here to hold your hand throughout!

Call: 310-779-1041

Family Maternity Photography

Family Maternity Photography

Family Maternity Photography

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