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insecurity | freedom

There is a deep need in each of our hearts for unconditional love and acceptance.  I cannot believe how many girls I talk to who experience such insecurity in ways that I would never have thought as I look at them and interact with them and see how amazing they are, only to discover that they are not that much different than me.  We are all just people.  We all have insecurity, we are all unsure about new things, we are all hesitant when we do not know the for sure outcome of a situation and often prone to inactivity due to our fears of failure or rejection, and admitting these things is good!  Admitting insecurity is good, and essential to growth, but staying there is not okay.  It’s not okay because Christ wants us to be free, He longs for us to open our hearts to one another and not be so consumed with our insecurity that we’re incapable of truly connecting with others.  I remember hearing the phrase once “when you face what you fear, you become fearless” and it’s so true. To just step out and do what I’m not so comfortable with is very healthy, and as we entrust ourselves to the Lord in this way, He makes us stronger regardless of the outcome and our willingness to obey regardless of our insecurity gives our insecurities even less power. To be willing to be vulnerable about our insecurities and weaknesses with one another and be met with love and graciousness and acceptance in those areas I think it is essential to healthy relationships and truly experiencing community as the Father so longs for us to experience.

I remember a time when I was so insecure about the way my voice sounded, granted I feel my voice is pretty unique, but I was not okay with that and if I listened to myself while talking (hmmm… you know what I mean right?) I would shy away and grow insecure and stop talking, or dare I say, if I heard a recording of myself (who likes that anyway!?).  But then I’ll never forget, I knew this guy and I had never said anything about my insecurity in this area but he very sincerely told me how much he loved my voice and really went on about how much he loved hearing me talk and specifically my voice. Seriously!?!? I think from the ways we were created in our physical selves, but also in our gifts and talents and skills we need to see each other.  As I look back over the last couple years of my life I see substantial growth in my creativity and eye for detail, and it was largely grown through a friendship in which not only did we enjoy creative things together but her specific encouragement to me and insight into what I was doing has opened the way in my a