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Having determined their fixed boundaries,” this is one instance where God through the scriptures plainly tells us that He is intimately involved in our lives, in a very real and practical way, right down to where we call home.

We all have a desire to be understood and have a place in the world, and from a young age we begin searching for our place in the world through “pretend,” “dress up” and “house.”  These “make-believe” games are meant not only to be entertainment and just for play time but also stir in us as children, a very real sense of belonging and our need for that. Whether it’s being picked over for the ball game at school, not getting the role in the school play that is our most fantasy-like character, struggling with education and the system that surrounds it, we have begun our search for belonging and subsequent rejection at a very young age, even in the most sheltered of environments.

According to God, He has created each of us on purpose, He made your hair the texture that He thought most beautiful for your eyes, and the tinting of your complexion, the shape of your nose and the position of your teeth and He has also given gifts of abilities and passions to each of us that differ from one another and if we continue to look at life like the unattained role in the school play, looking at our role as something lesser, then I fear we may miss the extravagant and loving purposes of God for our lives.

I would like to welcome you to this series of insights, stories, photographs… this is a glimpse into one girl’s journey through life that intersects with many others and the beautiful way that God designed our journey through life to be, in community. Thank you for coming by and I look forward to getting to know you more over the course of time. much love + peace, katee grace | xoxo

Katee Grace | Santa Barbara Photographer | Writer

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