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freedom | slavery

We live in a consumer centered culture, this is true but it doesn’t have to be bad depending on what we are consuming.  Do you and your friends and family have more than you could ask for?  Maybe for Christmas this year one of these fabulous Jute Bags would be the most meaningful and enjoyed gift in years.  Your giving to your loved ones multiplies as it translates into sowing into the lives and work endeavors of woman and families across the world, encouraging freedom through not buying the slave made products on so many counters in America but directly buying from woman seeking freedom from slavery.

Buy a Bag | Support Freedom

freedom from human trafficking | freedom to life

Freeset, located in India sells a wide variety of bags through this link.  Also see the women of Puresa’s beautiful work and fabulous CUSTOM BAGS for sell here.

freedom from human trafficking | freedom to life

Don’t miss your opportunity to support freedom, to create freedom & life.

happy day | much love + all the best | xoxo | katee grace

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