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contentment in the present chapter

Looking forward and hoping for the future to be good is healthy I believe but a constant focus on certain things in life changing and a discontentment with the present season is not only frustrating but seems to steal a thankfulness for the good things in this season as well as keep us from actually engaging with the season in life we are in.

I find myself continually hearing God ask me to relax and enjoy the journey.  Stop trying to figure out how a, b and c fit together but engage in the present with a,b, and c, relax, trust God and be free.

It seems that as humans we have this continual thirst for more, continual grasping for the next good thing that we are hoping for or expecting.  But God is so insightful and so plainly says “Godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.”  (1 Timothy 6:6)  According to Webster, to be content means “satisfied with what one is or has.”  In the amplified version of this scripture, it says to have “an inward sufficiency.”  Being quiet and knowing that God is more than enough and He has way more insight into our lives and ability to grow our lives and us than we could ever muster up and to recognize how deeply satisfying just being with Him is.  I recognize in myself that when I am most content in the season that God has me, whether it be extra challenging or filled with a bit more ease circumstantially, that contentment and satisfaction has thankfulness as a fruit as well as a general enjoyment of life.  As I allow the supposed frustrations that I should feel at a given stage in life to begin to usurp the contentment in God’s goodness to me in this season, I not only begin to fi