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Do you shoot on holidays?

Yes. Holiday dates are a premium and are booked in advance. 

Holidays have a deposit of $5,000 to book which will be applied to your order.

What's up with just digitals?

Digital photographs are available after a fine art spend of $3,500.

Digital Files are available for $1,955. 

Ordering Appointment

My studio uses the latest technology to display images for you to review and make your final selections. At this ordering session, you’ll be able to critically evaluate each pose, compare images and most importantly, view how images will look displayed on the walls of your home as well as see your custom album design.

How long is my session?

Every type of session is different. Regarding

lifestyle portrait sessions you have Katee for up to 2 hours, though I find the sweet spot is between

60-90 minutes

with children. 



During your consultation, your wardrobe and style is addressed and a mood board is created for you to help in choosing wardrobe. Incredible stylists for virtual or in-person styling are available to commission.

Wall Art

During your Ordering Appointment I will import your walls into my software to show you custom wall art designs that I will put together for you. And these are TO SCALE! That's right, they are sized exactly how they will look on your walls! 

How much will I spend?

Collections begin: 


Wall Art begins:


Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes, absolutely! 

Wall Art Installation

Not only am I designing your wall art layouts, to scale, specific to your wall. Wall Art Collections are installed with our concierge services. 

Book My Discovery Call

Let's chat! 

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