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short story | marie + landon

Instead of being a source of truth and refuge, Marie’s mom was continually sowing seeds of broken trust as she lied about Marie’s father being dead, and forced her to hide money just so they could eat.  With continued lies, manipulation, and neglect, Marie learned to seek her identity and worth in a world of brokenness.  As Marie turned each corner of her life, she found further heartbreak and a harsh delusion of happiness.

Marie met Landon, and though their relationship was intoxicated by the delusions of addiction, their journey began to take a radical turn as Landon entered a local drug rehabilitation program.  Tragically, while Marie was pregnant with their second child and living out of her car, she was attacked and raped by four gang members.  The wounding of that unimaginable experience left Marie in such despair that she saw death as her only hope.  Deep down, she questioned whether or not this is what she was created for, yet she truly wanted to believe that her past could be healed!