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Often when we look at our lives, our experiences, our choices, our past and our futures we fail to realize that those same opportunities, both good and bad, are not as easily afforded to everyone.  As I look back at my own life, I’ve done things that I never dreamed as a young girl I would ever do, but coming out on the other side, I’ve learned that given the right circumstances we are all capable of absolutely anything.  It’s a tough pill to swallow but the truth is, the ground is level at the cross.  We have all been enemies of Christ but He still has never quit loving each of us, knowing exactly the choices we would make and He already was preparing our steps and our hearts for a road of beautiful redemption.

There’s a compelling quote by Ian Percy, “We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.”  I remember growing up there was a plaque in the bathroom that read something about not knowing what another’s person’s life is like until you have to walk a mile in their moccasins.  This tendency to look at someone’s life and see the mess that they are in and assume that well “you made your bed now lie in it,” not only lacks the compassion of Jesus and a true revelation of the depravity that we’ve all been saved from but also fails to see the big picture.  When we look back at our own failures and unimaginable journeys, do we see that our poor choices probably had more to due with a false belief and lack of experience with the love of God?  Everyone has a story, and the decisions that we make today are most often a result of what we experienced yesterday.  If we’re willing, I believe we can identify with absolutely anyone in their struggle.  We are all in this journey of life together and we can either allow our hearts to be full of love and healing for those around us or we can miss the beautiful work of God in order to avoid the mess.  Not everything that happens in our lives was part of God’s plan, I don’t believe that it is His heart to allow children to be abused, physically, sexually, verbally, or otherwise, I don’t believe it’s His dream that a child is neglected but I know He will work absolutely everything for our good if we allow Him.  Sometimes the deepest wells of pain in our lives can become the deepest wells of joy and love.

After working alongside some of the amazing people who pour out their lives for the families and women coming through this phenomenal crisis pregnancy clinic as well as the women and families who’ve experienced the love of Christ through their service, I would love to share with you not only this organization but an opportunity to save the world, one life at a time. This fall, the Westside Pregnancy Clinic will be hosting their annual Fundraising Gala at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience beauty from ashes at their “SAVE A LIFE | SAVE THE WORLD | fundraising gala | 10/22/2011”

all we need is love

so much love + peace to your heart  |  katee grace

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